Name: Starlight
Weapon: Magic Wand
Power: Spellcasting

Great-Grand Daughter of Hagatha, Magic runs in Starlight's blood, both her and her brother Cyrus showed great skill at a young age. She frequently visited Lanette where she loved to hear Lanette's stories about her past adventures.

Her family was killed by a meteor impact when she was quite young, leaving her and her pet dog to fend for themseleves. Many years later, her brother Cyrus suddenly appeared, aparently surviving the explosion. While initially overjoyed to see her brother, Cyrus ignored her and stole the Chaos Emerald that his parents once kept safe, killing their dog in the process, and warning her not to get in his way.

Sometime later, she opened Hagatha's enchancted book, the only object she left behind after her passing. Containing information about how to revive Phred who's soul had been killed 80 years prior, Starlight, eager to both do something nice for Lanette and meet the person whom Lanette talked of, quickly set to work figuring out and performed the spell to bring Phred back.

While the spell was a success, Lanette died in the process, feeling guilty for bringing Phred into a time where everyone he once knew was dead, Starlight vowed to find the Dragon Balls and use them to send Phred back to his proper time.

Starlight knows a variety of magical spells, allowing her to both effectively attack and defend. She is skilled enough that she does not actually need her wand to cast a spell, but uses it to make the effects of her spells stronger.

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