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Comix X 104(by: Phred)
Here's another Comix X for you.
Friday, February 27 2009 22:58 UTC

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Comix X 103(by: Phred)
Let's continue with this side story for a while longer...
Thursday, February 26 2009 00:46 UTC

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Comix X 102(by: Phred)
It's Monday! Here's a new Comix X!
Tuesday, February 24 2009 02:40 UTC

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Comix X 101(by: Phred)
Here's a small little filler arc I've been working on:
Friday, February 20 2009 16:28 UTC

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Comix CS 13(by: Phred)
I finally got my pages scanned, so here's a Comix CS.
Friday, February 20 2009 02:05 UTC

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Comix X 100(by: Phred)
It's been a while, but here's some Comix X filler to tide you over:
Friday, December 5 2008 15:58 UTC

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Character Page(by: Phred)
The Character Page has been updated a little bit. Now you can navigate to other characters from any given character page. Beyonder talked me out of using frames.
Tuesday, November 25 2008 20:38 UTC

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Nothing(by: Phred)
I've got nothing until I colour my new pages. Sorry about that. In the meantime, enjoy this concept art: I still have to contact someone about using this character first, though. (Design subject to change)
Tuesday, November 25 2008 03:07 UTC

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Comix X 99(by: Phred)
I still have to colour my latest pages, so here's some more filler.
Friday, November 21 2008 23:22 UTC

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Check it out(by: Phred)
I've got a new little thing for doing my news posts. No longer will there be livejournal ads on my site! The old news posts are at
Wednesday, November 19 2008 02:55 UTC

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