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12/23/04- Updating with Livejournal was fun and easy, too bad paid accounts don't last forever :O
Oh well, new PLHFH for you all, happy holidays

9/24/04- Wow, an update a whole month after the last one! what are the chances of that? New Ayana and Phred for you

8/24/04- A random comic for you! If you haven't guessed, it's mostly just an experiment in making cool grass effects. Enjoy.

8/04/04- Another new PLHFH remixed

7/12/04- A new PLHFH remixed for you peoples, and another vote pic 

6/27/04- It's like, teh new vote picture! omg!

6/14/04- Let's celebrate school almost being over with a new PLHFH Remixed!

6/02/04- Happy June... I guess... New PLHFH Remixed

5/29/04- Finally, a new comic, Ayana and Phred!

5/23/04- New Vote picture

5/16/04- New Vote picture

5/15/04- Ever wonder where all the old vote pictures go? now they go onto my deviant art account! yay!

5/09/04- New Vote picture

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