Name: Phred Levi
Weapon: N-Sword and Millennium Shield
Power: Electricity

Excelling at speed, Phred attacks quickly and with full resolve to protect those close to him.

Phred was sealed in ice by Diamond, Phred was unable to do anything about the chaos soldier's takeover. His hometown lost, and several of his friends killed, Phred gathered together all of his remaining friends to work together and defeat the chaos soldiers once and for all. In the end, only Phred was left standing to face Diamond. With his new Volt Form, Phred was able to defeat Diamond, and restore the world to the way it was.

The peace didn't last long as it was revealed that Spellmaster had planned the defeat of the Chaos Soldiers as a way for him to absorb the power of the 7 Chaos Emeralds and gain an all powerful body. Far too strong for Phred to defeat, the best he was able to do was to seal Spellmaster's immortal soul in a time sealed box and throw it into space.

It was soon revealed that Diamond survived, biding his time until he can kill Phred and regain his power by finding the Silver Chaos Emerald. After Phred was killed, he was forced to watch as Diamond began building his werewolf army. Unable to just let his friends be killed, Phred broke through planes to fight Diamond again. In a final confrontation, Phred was able to kill Diamond, being killed himself in the process. Having been already dead, being killed again appeared to have completely destroyed Phred, with no way to be revived.

80 Years later, a girl named Starlight was able to revive Phred by removing him from the time he was killed and having a clone killed in his place. While happy to be alive, Phred found himself in a time where everyone he once knew had died. Feeling sorry for him, Starlight promised that the two of them would find the 7 Dragon Balls and use their power to return Phred to his proper time.

His ability to create electricity allows him to stun those he attacks, and even manipulate metal via an electromagnetic force
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