Name: Phred Levi (Wolf Form)
Weapon: N-Sword and Millennium Shield
Power: Lycanthropy
By using a special pendant, Phred's Wolf Form becomes much easier for him to deal with. It allows him to mantain his mind, speak, and will also prevent his clothes from being torn up and restore them when he changes back should they end up damaged.

The most active feature of the pendant is to restrict Phred's strength so he doesn't go out of control. As a result, Phred's base strength is only a bit greater than he would be untransformed but the restrictions will lessen gradually as Phred needs it during battle.

Even though he mantains his mind, Phred is unable to use his electrical abilities, thus forcing him to rely on his increased agility to fight.

The pendant isn't perfect though, and it will fail if Phred is under signifigant duress.
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